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1040 Tax Preparation

We prepare 1040EZ, 1040A, 1040 with all attached schedules and all the necessary state tax returns, and any other necessary city tax returns.

Tax Planning

Year round tax support; Answer questions year round concerning tax implications of decisions that affect a client’s tax liability.
Help client’s structure transactions in a manner that creates the most advantageous tax results.
Help client’s understand their tax choices and the results of each choice.

Answering any questions pertaining to individual tax law

With the constant change in tax laws we make certain that clients understand how the new laws will affect their situation.
We educate our clients on the changes, and answer any questions they might have about anything they have read or heard about.

Trust Tax Preparation

We prepare 1041, and 706 tax returns.
Discuss with client issues pertaining to trusts, why to consider it, and what the tax implications might be.

Kennth R. Strough, CPA PA